Kuki Twin Stroller Review (Baby Monsters)

Kuki Twin Stroller
What It Is

Double strollers can often be bulky and hard to maneuver, but not anymore thanks to the Kuki Twin Stroller. This lightweight double stroller weighs 21.5 pounds when empty and can be used from birth and up. (If you're using it with a newborn, you'll need the SOFT Carrycot, sold separately.) Each seat holds up to 33 pounds. You can also adjust each seat, with up to a 170-degree recline. The seats have five-point padded safety harnesses and adjustable leg rests. Extend the canopies to give baby shade and UPF 50 + protection.

Parents will like that the smaller footprint of this double stroller makes it easier to fit the stroller through doorways. And because it's smaller than a standard double, it also folds small. In fact, when folded, it can fit in the overhead bin of an airplane. You can also purchase a Transport Bag, sold separately, to help carry the folded stroller like a backpack.

A storage basket extends underneath both seats, and there are anti-puncture EVA wheels. The three in the front can be fixed or pivoting. To park the stroller, press down on the right brake, and to unlock it, press down on the left brake. 

The stroller comes in a variety of colors, but if you ever want to switch it up, you can buy accessory packs with different colors of canopies and harness pads.

Why Is It Useful?

Parents who need a double stroller will definitely like how compact the Kuki Twin is when compared to others. But even at a smaller size, it still offers convenience and comfort features. This could be a good option for city-dwelling families and for travel.

Who It’s For

This stroller can be used with babies from birth up to 33 pounds.

What To Be Aware Of

We weren't super impressed with the process of folding this stroller. It can be a little tricky.

Just know that if you are using the Transport Bag with this folded stroller, you'll need to remove the bumper bar from the stroller. Even with it removed, we really struggled with getting the stroller to fit inside the bag.

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