UglyDolls Squish and Go Review (Hasbro)

UglyDolls Squish and Go
What It Is

Go for a ride with some of your favorite characters from UglyDolls with the new UglyDolls Squish & Go toys. Inside each box you'll find a two-inch UglyDolls figure and a squishy vehicle for the figure to ride in. There's the Squish & Go Sharwhal that takes Babo around on his pirate adventures, and there's Squish & Go Peggy, a unicorn-like creature that drives around Moxy.

Flexible accessories are also included for the UglyDolls to wear, and these are hidden in the packaging, so kids will get a surprise when they open the box. SPOILER ALERT: Babo has a pirate hat and facial hair accessories, while Moxy carries a lasso and wears a cowboy hat. Each one also includes a letter and a sticker sheet.

Is It Fun?

These figure sets will be a fun way for fans of the movie to interact with favorite characters and tell their own stories. Kids will really like the squishy, slow-rise feature of Sharwhal and Peggy, which adds fun tactile play to the imaginative play.

Who It’s For

The UglyDolls Squish & Go toys are for ages 4 and up. These will be fun for fans of the new movie.

What To Be Aware Of

UglyDolls Plush are also available and sold separately.

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