UglyDolls Plush Review (Hasbro)

UglyDolls Plush
What It Is

Cuddle up to your favorite new friends from the UglyDolls movie with Hasbro's new UglyDolls plush toys, including Warm Wishes, Wage and Feature Sounds Moxy. Each is sold separately.

Cook up all sorts of adventures with Warm Wishes, Wage. The chef-y character is soft and squishy, with a bean-filled bottom so it sits up on its own. Embroidered facial details and a fabric apron complete the look. Wage is just one of five plush characters that kids can collect. The rest include Moxy, Ox, Babo, and Lucky Bat. And because the original UglyDolls were created as a doodle in a love letter, each of these plush toys include its own letter with sticker inside.

To bring the characters to life, there's Feature Sounds Moxy. The 11.5-inch Moxy is made from a super soft plush material and says more than 30 sounds and phrases when you squeeze her tummy. You might hear her say, "We're gonna have so much fun!" or "What a perfectly perfect day, right?" This toy also has embroidered facial features. A Feature Sounds UglyDog is also available and sold separately.

Is It Fun?

Both of these plush toys offer a fun way for kids to interact with favorite characters from the new movie. They will be a great way to inspire imaginative play during playtime and become cuddle buddies for kids at bedtime.

Who It’s For

The UglyDolls plush toys are for ages 4 and up. These will be fun for fans of the new movie to play with.

What To Be Aware Of

The Moxy plush includes three button cell batteries. You might want to replace them before you play for best results.

Warm Wishes, Wage retails for $9.99. Feature Sounds Moxy retails for $14.99.

Both of these are machine washable.

UglyDolls Squish & Go characters are also available and sold separately.

  • Cute

  • Cuddly

  • Collectibility

    3 cell batteries required