Mash'Ems Wear'Ems Series 1 Review (Basic Fun!)

Mash'Ems Wear'Ems Series 1
What It Is

Make a bold and squishy new fashion statement with the Mash'Ems Wear'Ems. These collectible squishy jewelry pieces come packaged in glittery gem-styled jewelry boxes. You'll be able to see one Wear'Em in the package, but the second Wear'Em is hidden. Wear'Ems designs include cats and narwhals, dogs and unicorns. There are 24 to collect in series 1, with three different rarities to find: common, rare, and ultra rare. Keep track of your collection on the included collector's guide. 

Because Wear'Ems are so stretchy, you can use them as rings, hair ties, cell phone decoration, and more. 

Is It Fun?

We can definitely see younger kids using these as rings or pencil toppers as a way to easily show off their Wear'Ems collections and express their individual fashion style. The squishy creatures are really cute, and the unboxing adds a surprise element to the collectibility. We like that because these are so squishy and stretchy, they can fit on a variety of things and, therefore, have many uses.

Who It’s For

Mash'Ems Wear'Ems are for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Another new collectible toy line from Basic Fun, Little Lucky Lunchbox, is also available to collect.

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