Glitter, Neon, & Tie Dye Sidewalk Chalk Review (Crayola)

Glitter, Neon, & Tie Dye Sidewalk Chalk
What It Is

The neon chalk makes your art-work super - bright and will add vibrancy to your sidewalk. It includes anti-roll sticks in the colors: Shocking Pink, Laser Lemon, Atomic Tangerine, Electric Lime and Extreme Blue. The colors appear to glow in the sunshine, especially when they're used on dark surfaces.

The glitter includes 5 chalk sticks that are bright and, bold with glitter that shimmers in the sunlight. The colors included are; Gleamin' Green, Razzle Dazzle Red, Sparklin' Orange, Stardust Yellow and Blingin' Blue.

The tie dye chalk also comes with 5 chalk sticks that are swirling with colors to give your child's masterpiece bright and color-shifting creativity. You have - "Green Scene," - which is a combination of green and yellow; Right On Red, which has a combo of white and red; "Flower Power"; which has a combo of yellow, greyish and purple; , "Groovy Bloov"- which is a combo of light blue to orange; and "Purpy Purp" -  with a combo of purple and black.

The thick body on the chalk allows for a better grip. The edges help with shadowing and the tip is great for more detailed drawings or writing messages

Is It Fun?

Chalk is one of the go-to's for summer. Kids can get creative and draw pieces of art all around the neighborhood, but of course, Crayola spiced things up by adding some cool effects to this ordinary fun.

Who It’s For

Perfect for the spring and summer! Although chalk can get messy, it doesn't stain skin or clothes so parents, you'll be able to chill out while kids have some artistic creativity flowing through them. Drawings wash away with water so no staining is involved!

What To Be Aware Of
If your child presses down too hard on the chalk they will finish them up faster.
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