NYPD Dog Toy Review (Royal Animals)

NYPD Dog Toy
What It Is

This is a small plush dog toy, for small dogs. It's a fun toy for dogs to play with or for you to play with your dog. This NYPD Dog Toy made by Royal Animals combines a plush body, a rubber spike textured ball in the middle and it squeaks for extra fun. The little plush bear is wearing a detailed New York Police Department hat, and a significant portion of the proceeds benefit the New york city police foundation.  It is manufactured by Royal Animals and benefits the NYPD. 

Is It Fun?
This toy is cute  and also combines plush with rubber and squeak, so yes, I think it has all the winning elements of a fun toy! 
Who It’s For
This dog toy is great for pet parents who have small dogs. If you have a  small dog who likes to play with toys, this may be a fun toy for your home. If you or a friend with a dog really likes the NYPD it can make a nice gift or souvenir too! I recommend this toy for small dogs who are regular chewers. 
What To Be Aware Of
Don't let your pet chew off any of the sewn on details such as the eyes, hat or patch. If your pet destroys the blue rubber I would remove the toy from them so they do not choke on any parts. 
  • Pet Fun

  • People Fun

  • Value