Scribble Scrubbie Vet Set and Salon Set Review (Crayola)

Scribble Scrubbie Vet Set and Salon Set
What It Is

These new Crayola Scribble Scrubbie sets come in two fun themes: salon set or vet set. 

What's Included:

The vet set includes one scrub brush, one spray bottle, two washable pets, one tie-dye tub, one snap in table, and three washable markers (blue, orange and yellow). The storage case is easy to open and close. The Salon set comes with all the same accessories, with one difference being the markers come in pink, turquoise and purple.

How it Works:

In Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Vet set, on the Pet Prep Pad, you can take the pets' temperature, and measure their height and weight, too. Give your pets a full check-up on the exam table. Top off the vet visit by sitting them in the tub where they can be colorfully groomed. When you're ready to start over again, rinse the pets under a faucet and scrub to clean up for a new design.

The Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Salon set works the same way. This carrying case comes in pink, and has fun little "rooms" to play in: a modeling stand, primping table for the big show, and a catwalk to showcase their colorful designs.

Is It Fun?

These sets fuel children's creativity and imaginations since they can reuse the pets over and over again. The pets dry off quickly allowing for a new design soon after. Parents will also like that all the pieces store perfectly in the case when closed, and if the included markers run out, you can easily replace them with any Crayola Washable markers.

Who It’s For

The Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Vet Set and Salon Set are for ages 3 and up. These activity sets are great for kids who enjoy arts and crafts, since they're able to scribble and scrabble on something other than paper. The pets are made of heavy plastic, which isn't easy to bend and has a light fur on them for easier artistic fun.

What To Be Aware Of

Although the cases close perfectly and make for on-the-go fun, there are holes on both ends and on top of the carrying case, so it's easy for the accessories and pets to fall out.

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