World's Coolest Fingerlings Review (Super Impulse)

World's Coolest Fingerlings
What It Is

The Super Impulse line of World's Coolest toys is known for shrinking fan-favorite toys down into a miniature size for on-the-go fun. This time it's all about Fingerlings!

 The Fingerlings we know are bigger in size and fit around our fingers. This is way different so expect a smaller scale. There are three sets to collect like this purple one, yellow and blue. The purple set is called the Teeter Totter Playground featuring the two tiniest Fingerlings monkey's. This one has a blue swing set and yellow teeter totter. Both the swing and teeter totter have slots to sit down.

The yellow set is called the Merry-Go-Round Playground featuring a pink and purple Fingerlings monkey, spinning merry-go-round and pink ladder. Both the tree ladder and merry-go-round have slots to sit or swing the Fingerlings.

Everything closes back up neatly making traveling on the go easier. All sets also include a keychain to attach to a backpack or key set if you'd like.

Is It Fun?

They're compact for on-the-go fun and easily store all back in the case. Although they have slots to sit your Fingerlings it is a bit difficult to sit them. 

Who It’s For
Kids who enjoy Fingerlings or the brand "World's Smallest." This might be good for an Easter basket as well. 
What To Be Aware Of

After swinging them a bit in the playground there's not much to do with them afterwards.

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