Toki Dough Review (Relevant Play)

Toki Dough
What It Is

Based on the world of super cute Japanese art, Toki Dough modeling compound lets kids create their own food, animals, and whatever they can imagine, all with a kawaii design aesthetic. This wheat-, gluten-, and casein-free dough is easy to shape and mold, blends for mixing colors, and never dries out. Larger sets include tools that help kids make faces and create different textures and details. Plus, you get fold-out play scenes to help inspire the imaginative play or create your own stop-motion movies.

The Sweet Treats set is all about making and molding desserts. Be inspired by the packaging to create popsicles, ice cream cones, cupcakes, S'mores, cookies, and more, all with friendly faces. It comes with eight Toki Dough colors, four face makers (two pieces), seven tools in three pieces, textured panels, a themed background, a storage case, and a smooth work surface. 

The Garden Party set lets you mold smiley plants, animals, and other things of nature. Pictures on the packaging include a sun, flowers, a turtle, a butterfly, and a rainbow. The set includes eight Toki Dough colors, four face makers in two pieces, seven tools in three pieces, textured panels, a themed background, a storage case, and a smooth work surface.

You can also purchase additional colors of Toki Dough in four-packs and two-packs. Each color of Toki Dough comes in its own container, and there's even a face maker mold underneath the lid.

Is It Fun?

We love the range of kawaii creations kids can mold, although the finished results will vary. But for any kid who is creative and loves playing with modeling dough, making their own happy carrots and donuts will be a lot of fun. And we like the extended play opportunities that the themed background offers for kids who want space to play out different stories and adventures with their creations.

Who It’s For

Toki Dough is for creative kids ages 5 and up. The finished results will vary depending on a child's age and skill level.

What To Be Aware Of

There are no instructions for these sets, so it's all up to kids' imaginations to create whatever they want. We do wish there were better instructions for how to use the face maker tools. We weren't totally sure we were doing it right.

The Sweet Treats set retails for $24.99, and so does the Garden Party Set. The four-pack is $18, and the two-pack is $9.99. Each one is sold separately.

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