Playmobil Sand Ice Cream Truck Sand Bucket and Water Tank Truck Review (Playmobil)

Playmobil Sand Ice Cream Truck Sand Bucket and Water Tank Truck
What It Is

Playmobil play has traditionally been an indoor activity, but now you can take the fun outdoors with Playmobil Sand playsets. These let kids engage in pretend play while also enjoying playing in the sand. 

The Ice Cream Truck Sand Bucket set is a pink-and-purple bucket shaped to look like an ice cream shop. Two Playmobil figures of an ice cream seller and customer are included, and there's even a spot for the figure to stand right behind the ice cream counter on the front of the bucket. The set also comes with an ice cream spoon, two ice cream cones, two ice cream scoops, and a waffle mold. Use the spoon to scoop up sand and put it in the bucket or on top of an ice cream cone. Use the waffle mold to make textured imprints in the sand. The bucket's lid is a sieve so kids can sift through sand looking for shells and other treasures, and the bucket itself can be used as a mold for building sand castles. The bucket has a capacity of just under 1/2 gallon.

The Water Tank Truck combines water play and sand play. Load the tank with water and push the vehicle across the sand to your pretend construction site. The truck's wheels are pretty rugged, but two track pieces are included so that the truck more easily drives over those instead of getting stuck in the sand. Or the tracks can be used as bridges or gullies. Slide off the water tank and use it like a watering can to fill a sand gully or just get your sand wet for better sand building. The set includes a construction worker figure that can ride in the truck cab, and there is space for another Playmobil 1.2.3 figure to ride, too.

Is It Fun?

For kids who like playing in sandboxes and at the beach, these playsets will inspire a lot of creative and imaginative play. They get kids engaging in roleplay, while also having traditional sand fun. And what's really nice is that you don't even need to be at the beach to play with these. Both playsets will be just as much fun when played with indoors because of their imaginative play possibilities.

Who It’s For

These new Playmobil Sand playsets are for ages 2 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The sand bucket is $19.99, while the truck is $29.99. Each is sold separately.

The water tank can be detached from the truck, but it's a little tricky to slide it off.

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