Bendy and the Ink Machine Mini-Figure Buildable Set Review (Basic Fun!)

Bendy and the Ink Machine Mini-Figure Buildable Set
What It Is

The Bendy and the Ink Machine Mini-Figure Buildable Sets, from Basic Fun! are based on the Bendy and the Ink Machine puzzle-based action horror video game. In the game, the protagonist is a retired animator who returns to his studio only to find these retro-looking, nightmarish characters. The Bendy buildable sets are each sold separately and, due to the graphic nature, are recommended for ages 14 and up (the video game has an ESRB rating of T for teens). Each set includes one mini-figure and between 20 and 32 pieces. There are six sets in series one: Bendy, Alice Angel, Searcher, Boris the Wolf, Sammy, and Ink Bendy. Fans will enjoy seeing these scary but adorable characters come to life. Fans will enjoy some of the details included in these sets. These include Bendy looking at sketches of himself on the drafting table; Alice's halo; Boris' Pump Control station; and Sammy's projector and screen.  Fans won't be challenged. Each set will only take  a few minutes to build,  but they will love collecting them.

Is It Fun?

Yes, but the fun is less about the building experience and more about allowing the dark and whimsical figures to find life outside of the video game.  Bendy and the Ink Machine fans will love having these sets in their homes. 

Who It’s For

Bendy and the Ink Machine lovers, fans of the macabre, and video games players ages 14 and up who want more than just playing the games.  

What To Be Aware Of
Each set is sold separately.  
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