Fingerlings Baby Narwhal Review (WowWee)

Fingerlings Baby Narwhal
What It Is

Just like any other fingerlings- you're still able to stick these adorable unicorns of the sea on your finger with new fun ways to play. There are four to collect; Nori in blue, Nelly in purple, Nikki in turquoise and Rachel in pink.  

When you pet them, Narwhals will flap their tails and blink their eyes to tell you how they're feeling. They each have two sensors; one on the behind the horn and one by the mouth. Tapping the sensors will activate fun surprises and reactions.

They're also complete with Kiss Tech and will give you magical kisses. The longer you press their faces to your cheek, the louder, and bigger the kiss.

They also have a special horn that will light up different colors when you blow them kisses!

When taking your Narwhal on some wave riding fun they'll react with whooshing sounds and other fun sounds.

Is It Fun?

They're filled with new activations that will excite children. They are also small enough to travel with and durable for children who seem to always drop their toys.

Who It’s For

Children who are fans of the Fingerlings franchise will enjoy the new Fingerling Baby Narwhals. 

What To Be Aware Of

The finger hole is tight so bigger fingers might have some difficulty pushing through.

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