Untamed Mad Lab Series 1 Review (WowWee)

Untamed Mad Lab Series 1
What It Is

The creatures from the Fingerlings Untamed line are still fierce and ferocious, but they're also miniature in the new Untamed Mad Lab line of mini collectibles. Each of the creatures comes blind packaged in a plastic beaker, and once you unwrap the covering, you'll be able to see whether your figure needs to be extracted from TerraClay, GeoSlime, or BioSand. (WowWee calls these materials "DNA samples".) The material inside the beaker and its color also help you classify your figure. Check the collector's guide to see your options in rarity and species. Open up the beaker and extract your figure. You'll notice that the figure is in two parts. That's because you've got to assemble it, and if you collect more Untamed Mad Lab figures, you can mix and match the body parts to create all-new creations. There are 34 to capture in series 1 with more than 1,000 possible mutation combinations.

You'll also be able to scan the included QR code into the Mad Lab app (coming soon) to add your creature into the augmented reality lab for some digital play.

Is It Fun?

This has all the things that kids these days like: tactile compounds (like slime), an unboxing, and mini collectibles. Kids will love pretending to be scientists discovering the mini creatures and combining them to make all-new ones. It's gross, it's surprising, and it's a lot of fun.

The app, when available, sounds like it will offer extended play, especially for kids who often play games on a smart device. But just the physical play with the toys will certainly satisfy.

Who It’s For

The packaging isn't super clear on the age grading. It says that this is not for children under 3, but really it's more suitable for kids ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Some of the compound colors don't match up with the colors shown on the collector's guide. We opened a beaker with red TerraClay, but based on the creature we got, the collector's guide says the TerraClay is orange. Not a big deal, but if you haven't gotten an actual red compound, it can be confusing.

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