Walkee Paws Review (Walkee Paws)

Walkee Paws
What It Is
Walkee Paws are leggings for dogs. They have a special coating on the bottom of each leg to give your dog traction as they walk. If you have a senior dog this can be important as they start to lose traction in older age. These are leggings and boots in one to prevent your pet from escaping from them. They have a snug fit thanks to the stretchy fabric and can make winter dog walking a breeze. 
Is It Fun?
There are a few fun patterns which make them very stylish! Your dog may not think they are so fun, but they are definitely preferred to wearing slippery boots that can come off and get lost easily. 
Who It’s For
Walkee Paws are great for puppies or senior dogs that like to explore the great outdoors. If you are a pet parent who struggles to keep the home clean from messy paw prints, this may be the solution you have been waiting for. 
What To Be Aware Of
Be aware that during the first time your dog wears Walkee Paws, they may look a bit funny. There is an adjustment period. It can take a few walks before your dog will get used to wearing these leggings. 
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