Brontosaurus and Unicorn Hopper Review (Antsy Pants)

Brontosaurus and Unicorn Hopper
What It Is

Hop into prehistoric or mythical adventures with the Antsy Pants Brontosaurus and Unicorn Hoppers. These are inflatable bouncy toys that kids can sit and jump on. To inflate them, just use a manual or electric pump and seal the hole with the plug. Kids hold on to the neck of the toy before sitting and jumping.

The Brontosaurus is a green dinosaur with spikes on its head and tail. A few textured dino scales can be found along the body. The Unicorn is white with pink hair, purple feet, and a glittery gold unicorn horn. You'll also find glittery flowers printed on the Unicorn's body.

Is It Fun?

These are fun ways to get kids active through play. Whether you have a little dinosaur fan or a little unicorn fan, both sets of kids will enjoy jumping around on their very own creature and embarking on all sorts of imaginative adventures.

Who It’s For

These hoppers are for ages 3 and up with a maximum weight limit of 100 pounds.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us two minutes to inflate one of these using an electric pump. You can also use a manual pump. Pumps are not included.

When inflated, the Brontosaurus measures 30 inches by 26 inches by 12 inches. The Unicorn measures 29 inches by 26.7 inches by 12 inches.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy