Aquabeads Beginners Studio Review (Epoch Co)

Aquabeads Beginners Studio
What It Is

With over 800 colorful jewels and beads in 16 colors, your child will have endless fun designing some of the templates that come in this kit. The set also includes the bead case, bead flipper with layout tray, sprayer, pen and specific instructions on how to use Aquabeads. 

Start off by sliding the template that you want to use behind the flip tray and follow the color beads needed. For example, when doing the rainbow- you'll need 9 red beads. I suggest placing those 9 red beads in your hand and putting them in the pen. If you try to grab the beads from their slots it's harder to grab them without them flying out. I also suggest using the pen as it makes things easier to place them on the tray. Once you've completed your design you add water to the sprayer and soak your design. Then lift up the handles of the Flip Tray and Receiver together with your fingers and turn them over quickly. Make sure the design stays on the Receiver and flip the tray back. Wipe off the excess water remaining on both sides of the Flip Tray and start making your next bead design!

Is It Fun?

Aquabeads is a pretty great activity once you get the hang of it. Since it is a bit difficult to master at first,  it'll get kids to practice their patience and even create their own designs, which is always fun!

It's great for on-the-go fun as the tray and palette closes perfectly and beads don't fall out or fall into the other colored beads.

Who It’s For

Aquabeads is an innovative line of fun art crafting for children 4 years old and up

What To Be Aware Of

You'll want to read the instructions step-by-step, including all the hints and tips as things can be a bit difficult to figure out on your own.

Also, I did have some trouble trying to flip over my bead design onto the Receiver, but they suggest to spray more water on the back of the bead design and let it dry. I also got some of the wet beads stuck to my fingers and trying to reapply the design didn't pan out.

You're able to purchase extra beads and designs separately

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