16L Mini Baby Essentials Bundle Diaper Bag Backpack Review (Vianetic)

16L Mini Baby Essentials Bundle Diaper Bag Backpack
What It Is

Modern-day parents need a modern-day way to tote around all of baby's essentials. The 16L Mini Baby Essentials Bundle Diaper Bag Backpack provides enough space to store what you need, as well as special features to make diaper changes easier on the go.

The bag comes in either a Dark Mica or Heather Gray. Each bundle includes five essential pieces: a backpack, a thermal pak, a pull-out caddy, a diaper pad, and a stroller/car attachment.

Inside the backpack is space for storing the other four accessories. The Thermal Pak holds up to three milk bottles or three food containers. You can even add a small ice pack, sold separately, to the interior pocket for extended temperature control. This is insulated for hot or cold items.

The pull-out caddy gives you space for storing and organizing diapers, lotions, wipes, a change of clothes, and maybe even a small toy. It's deep enough to hold 10 diapers at once. And its interior compartments can be rearranged or removed thanks to Velcro closures so that you can organize everything how you want it in its own space. It also has a carry handle so you can remove it from the backpack and use it on its own.

Pull down on the magnetic front cover to fold out the diaper pad. You don't even have to remove it from the backpack to do a diaper change, though you can unsnap it if you want. When the diaper pad is folded down, your diapers and wipes will be within easy reach right in the caddy in the center of the backpack.

And the stroller/car attachment is simply a strap that lets you hook the backpack to your stroller or strap it to the headrest of your car.

Along with these accessories, the backpack itself contains mesh pockets inside, a side water bottle mesh pocket, a front zippered pocket, a hidden zippered pocket on the back, and a wet/dry zippered pocket within the bottom of the backpack. Place your phone inside the pocket with the built-in USB port and cord. You can also charge your phone from the external USB port. There's also a larger zippered compartment with padded space for storing a laptop, up to 13 inches. And a compression strap can be hooked to the inside for even weight distribution of items. A raincover is also included.

There are three breathable mesh pads on the back for comfort when wearing, and the shoulder straps also have breathable mesh.

Why Is It Useful?

This diaper bag is pretty amazing. You can open it with one hand, which is super convenient if you need to do a diaper change with a squirmy baby. And the structure of the bag means it will stand upright if you place it on the ground, and the sides won't collapse in on you as you're digging through it to find what you need. Because there are so many pockets and storage options, keeping things organized inside the bag will be easy. It has a nice unisex look, too, so moms and dads can wear it. And when you've outgrown the baby stages, this becomes a handy bag for work and travel.

Who It’s For

This diaper bag backpack is for parents who want an easier and more comfortable way to bring all of baby's essentials with them.

What To Be Aware Of

A 20L bag is also available that is slightly larger to fit a 15-inch laptop.

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