Buddy Belt Fuji 2.0 and Sakura Review (Buddy Belts)

Buddy Belt Fuji 2.0 and Sakura
What It Is

The Buddy Belt Fuji 2.0 and Sakura harnesses and leads are part of the Buddy Belt Japan collection. Both Buddy Belts are made from quality leather with a pebble grain texture in a smoky medium blue and also in a pretty light pink. In addition, they feature leather bone charms and  Mount Fuji enamel charms that complement the overall look. 

The leash features a leather handle and leather clasp tab, with a durable black nylon length. The Nylon Accent Leash is available in two sizes and is also available in an All-Leather option. Buddy belts are very well made harnesses and the leads are also a great addition to any walk. 

Is It Fun?
The Buddy Belt is a responsible, reliable harness option, but yes it is also fun. Plus, with these two new color options, Fuji and Sakura, you can't go wrong. Pretty light pink and light blue with some beautiful detailing. 
Who It’s For
If you are looking for an easy yet reliable leather dog harness and matching lead, this is for you. The Buddy Belt is available in a range of sizes so it should work well for small, medium or large dogs. 
What To Be Aware Of
Be advised that this leather harness looks unusual and unlike many other harnesses you may be used to. That's okay! The figure eight shape is unique and if you set the harness on the ground to look like a bra or sunglasses, all you have to do is lift it up around your dogs front body or chest and buckle it on the back. Then you can swiftly and securely attach the leash. Off you go for a safe and stylish walk! 
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