Commuter Pet Carrier and Car Seat Review (Gen7Pets)

Commuter Pet Carrier and Car Seat
What It Is

This is the Gen7Pets Commuter Pet Carrier, a pet carrier designed for rides to the vet, hopping in a taxi, or bringing your pet with you on vacation. For dogs and cats up to 20 pounds, you can fly on most airlines with your pet in this carrier, however, always check with your airline to be sure. 

The Gen7 Commuter Pet Carrier and Car Seat features a metal seat belt hook that latches into place to keep your pet safe and steady while traveling in a car. The shoulder strap is fully adjustable to lay on your shoulder or be used as a cross body bag, or you can hold the carrier with the straps. The carrier's wire frame also helps to keep the carrier stable, just make sure you Velcro them into place. 

While the carrier has a sturdy structure, the interior of the carrier features a very soft and cozy pad that can help ease any anxiety your pet may have about being put in a carrier. Plus, the pad is machine washable.  

It is available in black and burgundy. 

Why Is It Useful?

It safely buckles into a car or taxi, is great for trips on a train or boat, and you can fly with it. If your dog or cat is up to 20 pounds, this is an ideal and very safe pet carrier for you. The bag is also very versatile in terms of how you can carry it, all while keeping your pet stable and level.

Who It’s For

The Gen7Pet Carrier is ideal for people with small dogs or cats on the go. This pet carrier combines functionality and fashion. It is simple yet strong and durable. Available in a few styles and one size. 

What To Be Aware Of

Out of the box, there is a metal frame that needs to be tucked in and secured with Velcro. As long as you do this your pet should be able to enter and exit with ease. 

Make sure to be careful when zipping your pet into the carrier. 

The inside pad is machine washable should there be any accidents along the way. 

Plus, there is a leash cord inside to secure your pet in the carrier. Safe travels! 

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