Bananas Review (Cepia )

What It Is

This Bananas bunch 2 set from Cepia are bright and tri-colored on the outside making the bananas pop out a bit more. They also feature the same delicious banana smell on the outside and inside as we saw in the first bunch. 

Break off each individual Banana and peel the Banana to reveal what is inside. That's all; it's just like peeling a real banana. 

Each Banana includes one Crushie, two cute mini friends, gemstone stickers for decorating your Crushie or Banana, a collector's guide on the back of the box, character sticker, and a hanging vine to show off your new Crushie.

 Each Crushie has a hole on the bottom of its bum to sit down firmly on the swinging vine. 

There are 24 Crushies to collect in Bunch 2, or collect other Crushies from Bunch 1. 

 Each Banana also has a keychain on it so kids can add it to their backpack.

Is It Fun?

Kids will have tons of fun trying to guess which Crushie they have inside all while keeping their Crushie sparkling and swinging around on the vine. Each Crushie and its vine can be interchanged and can clip on to the other vines for longer swinging fun. The Bananas also smell good and are reusable, since you can close them back up and carry them around. 

Who It’s For

Cepia's Bananas Bunch 2 are for ages 4 and up. They are perfect for children who love blind bags and collectibles. Collecting more Crushies just adds on to whatever Crushie you have since the vines all connect together.

What To Be Aware Of

Smaller children may have a harder time opening up the blind bags and figuring out how to use the accessories, so parental aid is suggested.

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