Animal Jumble 60 Set Review (Magformers)

Animal Jumble 60 Set
What It Is

If you like magnetic toys and animals, you'll love the 60 Piece Animal Jumble, from Magformers. This set includes 60 colorful magnetic shapes and animal pieces. It's perfect for kids ages three and up. The My First Magformers set includes a colorful guidebook showing kids how to build their magnetic animals in one of three ways: connecting flat shapes, simple stacking, and creating three-dimensional objects. The guidebook will show you how to make a bunny, frog, puppy, honeybee, deer, elephant, giraffe, lion, chicken, caterpillar, penguin, koala, moose, kitty cat, bird, cow, or a monkey.  If these aren't enough animals, use your imagination and create your own! Magformers is a quality product. The magnets are strong and the pieces are easy to handle, even for the youngest kids. The pros: the set is sturdy and colorful, it features fun animal pieces and it's great for early brain development.


Is It Fun?
Young children will enjoy using the magnetic pieces to build all of their favorite animals, and parents will appreciate the set as an early education toy. 
Who It’s For
Kids who love animals and are ready to start using magnetic pieces to build them.  It's great for early brain and fine motor skill development. Recommended for ages three and up. 
What To Be Aware Of
Guardians should read all product care instructions before young children use this magnetic toy.  
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