Baby's Brush Review (MAM)

Baby's Brush
What It Is

Introduce babies to good oral hygiene with the Baby's Brush from MAM. This "baby's first toothbrush" features a safety shield that prevents the toothbrush from going too far back into a baby's mouth. You can remove the safety shield as baby gets older and use it as a regular toothbrush for toddlers. The ergonomic and non-slip handle of the toothbrush makes it easy for both the parent and baby to hold. And the toothbrush's soft, rounded bristles clean teeth and safely remove plaque and bacteria.

MAM also has a free Brushy app featuring a cute bear character with a story about brushing teeth. The story can also be found on the MAM website.

Why Is It Useful?

This is a great first toothbrush for babies as young as 6 months. You're not using toothpaste with it, just getting baby used to the feel of the bristles in his mouth and incorporating it into the morning and bedtime routine. Even a young baby's oral health is important, and this toothbrush gets babies accustomed to brushing their teeth and then becomes a toothbrush that they can use themselves.

Who It’s For

The Baby's Brush is for babies ages 6 months and up. It is not a toy and should always be used with adult supervision.

What To Be Aware Of

It's recommended that you replace the toothbrush every two months.

This toothbrush is BPA- and BPS-free.

A single toothbrush is $4.99. A two-pack is $7.99.

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