Turing Tumble Review (LongPack Games)

Turing Tumble
What It Is

How do computers really work? With the new puzzle game Turing Tumble kids learn computer logic while having fun.  This brilliant new game lets you build a marble powered computers. For ages 8 and up. Turing Tumble is fun and easy-to-learn. Adults as well will love this challenging new game of skill and logic. Inside this box there is 1 gaming board, 61 parts for creating over 60 puzzles, marbles, and 100 plus paged puzzle building comic book. The comic book takes you on a fantasy while solving the problems along the way. Players follow Alia, a space engineer who needs help escaping a forgotten planet. She requires assistance on building computers for her safe passage. The computer's problems are represented in puzzles. Simply choose a puzzle, plan your approach, build your computer and start the action. Players can go in order of the story or venture into more difficult puzzle territory. Preparing for play takes about ten minutes. The board goes on the easy to assemble stand, then 30 counter weights are added to the 30 green ramps by simply pushing the silver marble into it's allotted hole. Then place the colored marbles on their runways and you are ready to build over 60 puzzles while using red and blue marbles to determine an outcome. Turing Tumble lets kids see and feel how computers work by revealing logic that isn't hidden inside a computer chip, because it's all right in front of them. It builds logic and critical thinking skills, fundamental coding concepts, and grounds their understanding of computers. Each problem features a set up and designated pieces that are chosen to solve the puzzle, but it's up to the builder to decide where they go. As more and more pieces are added with different functions the puzzles get harder. The puzzle book has solutions in the back. Players add logic by putting 6 different types of parts onto the board. The ramp directs balls in one direction, either to the left or to the right. The crossover lets ball paths cross over, going in one side and exiting on the opposite side. The bit adds logic because it stores information(or marble) by pointing to the right or to the left, exactly like a 1 or 0 in coding. It becomes more and more important as the puzzles progress. When the computer's objective is complete, the interceptor is used to stop the computer from releasing any more marbles. The gear bits store information by pointing right or left, but when the gear bit is flipped, it also turns other gear bits connected to it by gears. The goal of each puzzle is to build a computer that completes an objective. When playing is finished, all of the pieces have a proper place in the box. 

Is It Fun?

This award winning game is fun and creative. It promotes problem solving and logic. The comic book feature is engaging and with 60 puzzles the challenges never stop.

Who It’s For

Designed for ages 8 and up, this thought provoking game is for the child who loves to "sit and figure it out". Kids achieve a great sense of accomplishment when solving each puzzle, they discover how simple switches connected just right can do incredible things. Adults will love this game as well. By solving the ever growing more difficult puzzles or by engaging in the comic book story of Alia while puzzles are being solved, players will quickly become fans of this challenging collection of logistic puzzles.  

What To Be Aware Of

This parent's choice Gold Award winning game is a really cool puzzle solving game. The box is big and the game looks  intimidating at first glance, but it's completely engaging and players will become addicted to the puzzle solving it requires.

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