Justice League Figures Review (Mattel)

Justice League Figures
What It Is

The Justice League action figures are always fun for children who want to take a piece of their favorite action hero home such as Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Superman, and The Flash. These large 12-inch characters are way bigger than your typical smaller sized action figures. The superheroes are dressed in their classic Justice League outfits.

Wonder Woman wears her iconic outfit featuring the red corset and gold trimming, blue skirt, red over-the- knee boots, gold tiara, and silver gauntlets. Her lasso of truth is also attached to her waist.

Aquaman has on his original bronze and green power suit.

Superman is in his classic blue suit with red cape and boots and the "S" on his chest.

The Flash is in his red and yellow power suit with a lightning bolt on his chest.

Is It Fun?

The Justice League Figures are classic and straight-forward action figure play. Kids will enjoy battling imaginary battles or doing it together in a team with the other action figures. The bonus is the 11 points of articulation, which allows them to create tons of awesome superhero poses. It gives kids with an active imagination a canvas to be creative, which should always be encouraged.

Who It’s For

Fans and collectors will enjoy collecting the DC True Moves action figures, especially if they are fans of the Justice League. They can display their action figures out of the box in cool superhero poses or keep them in the boxes for safe keeping.

What To Be Aware Of

All four action figures have 11 points of articulation for authentic posing and battle play, either with one another or separately. All figures are sold separately.

Not shown here is Batman, which is also available and sold separately.

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