Clickbait Review (Big Potato Games)

What It Is

Clickbait from Big Potato Games is an action-packed party game, in which players get to write the copy for some of the weirdest products imaginable.  

Clickbait comes with 120 cards, five dice, and two pads. You'll need your own pens or pencils. 

Gameplay is simple. During each round of gameplay, one of the players acts as the judge and other players are the copywriters. The judge for the round flip a card from the deck to reveal the product, and then rolls the set of dice. Use the dice to create your advertising slogan; The dice will give the copywriters the letters  for the round. NOTE: Each word used in your slogan must begins with at least one of those letters. 

How to Win: The judge picks the best copy for a round, and that player keeps the card. The first player to collect three cards wins. 

Is It Fun?
Although challenging, players will enjoy competing to write the best copy for some truly wacky products and services.  Given how wacky the products are, as well, it's sure to illicit some laughs. 
Who It’s For
This game is for ages 12 and up. This game is best suited for players with quick and witty imaginations---this also makes the gameplay more fun for everyone.
What To Be Aware Of

The instructions were slightly unclear if all letters needed to be used for the copy write players are creating so we used house rules: You don't need to use all five letters, but everyone will be much more impressed if you do. 

You'll need your own pen or pencil. 

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