Grow-with-me Tummy Time Llama Review (Fisher-Price)

Grow-with-me Tummy Time Llama
What It Is

Babies' first toys should be supportive and fun, and that's what you get with the Grow-with-me Tummy Time Llama. As the name suggests, this plush llama grows with babies from the very first days all the way through the toddler years thanks to its four ways to play. You can use this for lay and play and tummy time for young babies, and sit and play for older babies. Or let toddlers take this playtime pal along with them for on-the-go fun.

In every stage, there are 13 sensory discoveries. A self-discovery mirror attaches to the leaf in the llama's mouth so that in lay and play babies can look up and explore their reflection. In tummy time, unfold the llama's crinkly blanket and attach the mirror there so babies can look down at their reflection. The blanket features bright colors and friendly food characters, plus you can attach the watermelon rattle to the blanket's tether. A flexible carrot teether is also included and can be attached to the tether on the llama's foot. (You could also reverse which tethers the rattle and teether get attached to, and remove them completely from the llama.)

The llama itself has a nice wooly body with different fabric textures on its legs and paws and colorful tags for babies to grab on its head. 

When playtime is over, you can place all of the accessories into the llama's blanket pocket.

Why Is It Useful?

We like that there are different ways to play with this toy, so it's not something that parents will buy, use for a few months, and then have to discard. It's got that super trendy llama look, that will definitely appeal more to adults than babies, and a super soft feel that babies will love to touch and explore. Plus, the llama's body is super supportive, which is great for making tummy time more enjoyable for babies.

Who It’s For

The Tummy Time Llama is for ages birth and up, but it can grow with a child through the toddler years.

What To Be Aware Of

Do not use this product in a crib or with a sleeping child.

The llama is machine washable. Make sure you remove the toys first.

During the early stages of use, if baby leans too far toward, the llama can roll so as always parent's supervision is required.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy