Silly Squeakers Barkparty Pooch Hooch Review (VIP Products)

Silly Squeakers Barkparty Pooch Hooch
What It Is

This toy is hard rubber and almost 11 inches tall. It is a squeaky dog toy. It is rather large in circumference so best for larger dogs with big mouths or snouts. Overall from what I can tell, not many dogs wanted to play with this toy. It is a fun themed toy which would make a funny gift for a friend. 

Is It Fun?
I would say this toy is not very fun. It's funny to look at and makes a nice addition to the toy basket but most dogs don't think it's fun. This is why I only gave it a few stars. 
Who It’s For
This dog toy is funny and makes a great gift for a pet lover. Overall I couldn't find many dogs who actually wanted to play with this toy. It's funny and catchy and makes a fun decoration, but most dogs don't seem to like it. Big dogs and small dogs can't seem to figure out how to play with it. 
What To Be Aware Of
This toy doesn't have any choking hazards unless your dog really shreds it to pieces. You could look out for the paint chipping off the outside. As always, supervise your pet when playing with this toy. 
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  • People Fun

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