Shazam! Power Slingers Action Figures Review (Mattel)

Shazam! Power Slingers Action Figures
What It Is

Sometimes to battle the bad guys, you need the help of your family. Or rather, "Shazamily". The new Shazam! Power Slingers Action Figures lineup includes Shazam!, plus characters from the Shazam! Family: Pedro, Freddy, and Mary. Each one includes a squishy Power Slinger monster accessory meant to reflect one of the seven deadly sins: wrath, envy, pride, and sloth.

The six-inch action figures are nicely detailed with a lot of muscle, suit texture, flexible capes, poseability, and fairly decent facial sculpts in terms of likeness to the movie actors and actresses.

To battle the action figures with their Power Slingers, use both hands to stretch the arms and legs of the monster, and then release to send it flying forward.

Is It Fun?

Fans of the new movie will really like collecting these action figures and playing out action-packed movie scenes. The Power Slingers are pretty easy to launch and give kids good versus evil playability right out of the box. Are the facial sculpts of the action figures perfect? No. But they are pretty decent given the size of the action figures, and that's something that will mean more to older fans and collectors than to kids who just want to play with their favorite superhero.

Who It’s For

The Shazam! Power Slingers Action Figures are for fans of the superhero ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional figures include Eugene and Darla, but we did not have them to show for this video review.

The Power Slingers have a squishy and somewhat sticky texture, so you might need to wash them off every once in awhile if they collect dust from all their flying adventures.

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