Rocket League Custom Mega Pack & Mystery Garage Review (Jazwares)

Rocket League Custom Mega Pack & Mystery Garage
What It Is

Rocket League fans, check out these Rocket League cars, from Jazwares. 

Rocket League is a soccer-style video game where instead of people, it's rocket-powered vehicles scoring goals. The game is available on multiple platforms and as of 2018, it has garnered more than 40 million users. 

These Rocket League Custom Mega Packs from Jazwares includes three cars straight from the game: Animus GP, Octane, and Aftershock. You'll also find extra wheels, antennas, and toppers. You can mix and match, and customize your cars with these fun, whimsical extra pieces. Overall, there are 13 collectible cars in Series 1. The cars ride smoothly on most surfaces. And although made of plastic, they are sturdy. If three cars are not enough for you, consider the Battle-Car Mystery Garage! This is a blind-box toy and you won't know what it is until you open that garage. In our Mystery Garage is the bright orange X-Devil, along with four wheels and a lightning-bolt antenna. Although the cars are a fun addition for the video game players, it may feel a little too young for many of the Rocket League gamers. The cars are cute and kids will enjoy switching up the hats and antennas, but most gamers will only want them as a collectible. 

Is It Fun?

These cars may be more fun for younger children and less for Rocket League fans. 

Who It’s For

Fans of the video game Rocket League, soccer fans and kids who like playing with toy cars, ages six and up. 

What To Be Aware Of
The three-piece collectors set is $29.99, the Mystery Garage is $7.99.  
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