Learning Loop and Nawgum 3-in-1 Teether Review (Dr. Brown's)

Learning Loop and Nawgum 3-in-1 Teether
What It Is

Help relieve a teething baby's sore gums with new silicone teethers from Dr. Brown's. The Learning Loop teether and Nawgum 3-in-1 Teether both have different designs, but each one offers a variety of textures and unique shapes to reach all parts of a baby's mouth.

The Learning Loop uses texture and color to help babies explore while they chew. There are four different textures to ease every part of baby's mouth. The green ring has ridges, the yellow star has a bumpy star pattern, there are small dots on the red circle, and raised lines on the blue square. This silicone teether is easy for babies to grasp and easy for parents to take on the go. It's for ages 3 months and up.

If you think the Nawgum looks like a cactus, that's because it does have a unique cactus shape. This enables it to safely reach all parts of baby's mouth and provide comfort at different stages of tooth development. There are a variety of unique textures, from bumps and swirls to wavy lines, to offer soothing relief. The manufacturer says this 100-percent silicone teether can also be used as a support aid for children with sensory needs. This is for babies from birth and up.

Why Is It Useful?

Even though they have different designs, the end goal of these teethers is the same - to provide comfort and relief for a teething baby. We like that the Nawgum can be used with babies of all ages and that is has a design meant to get the front teeth, molars, and gums. But the Learning Loop has bright colors that offer visual stimulation, as well as its comfort features. It will be up to parents to decide which of these Dr. Brown's teethers is best for their babies. 

Who It’s For

The Learning Loop is for ages 3 months and up. The Nawgum is for all ages.

What To Be Aware Of

Both of these are BPA-free, and can be cleaned in the dishwasher and sterilized.

Learning Loop retails for $5.99. The Nawgum is $19.99. Each is sold separately.

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