I-Top Review (Goliath Games)

What It Is

Goliath offers up a next-generation twist on classic top-spinning toys with the i-Top. 

Before you start spinning, you'll need to remove the "pull-to-play" strip from the top. Then, the play is simple: just spin! 

If you've never played with an i-Top before, you'll immediately notice that it keeps score for you - the stronger your spin, the better your score. The i-Top keeps track of the last score and the highest score, so you can keep competing with friends and/or yourself. But with this new version of i-Top, there is much more:

Specific scores unlock special bonus features within the i-Top. For example, spinning a 314 unlocks Pi. 606 is the UFO, 747 is a plane, and 888 is your lucky charm. Spinning an exact number is not easy, but that's what makes this toy so addictive--- and you'll have fun doing it. 

If these challenges aren't enough for you, you can also visit iTopChallenge.com to prove that you are the ultimate i-Top master! 

Is It Fun?
Top spinning is a classic play pattern that's pretty addictive in and of itself. Think of this toy as a fidget spinner in overdrive...and we all know how popular fidget spinners were/continue to be. The added bonus of the new i-Tops from Goliath are all the new unlockable features, which feeds into the fun and will have people challenging themselves and their friends to reach new high scores and keep all spinners busy. 
Who It’s For

i-Top is for ages 7 and up. Game lovers, gadget enthusiasts, fidgeters, challenge-seekers and top spinners will spend hours going for high scores and unlocking bonus features.  

What To Be Aware Of

The i-Top requires two cell batteries, not included.

Younger kids may need assistance with the batteries.

The i-Top is available in three great colors: Mega Gear Blue, Infinite Purple, and Vortex Red. 

When you're done spinning, the handle folds for easy storage. 

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions


    2 cell batteries required