Minnie's Happy Helper Magic Sink Set Review (Just Play)

Minnie's Happy Helper Magic Sink Set
What It Is

The Disney Junior Minnie's Happy Helpers Magic Sink Set is a cute play sink that allows preschoolers to engage in role play and pretend to wash and scrub dishes using actual water. It features Minnie-themed graphics, and fun details like Minnie's signature ears and bow, and bow shaped handles. The plastic set also includes a removable drying rack, dish soap bottle, scrub brush, four cups, two plates, two knives, and two forks. To play, two AA batteries are required. Add water to the base using the base line indicator, then turn and hold either handle to make water pour out of the faucet. Food patterns on the plates change color slightly when kids scrub them using cold water. This is to symbolize the dishes going from dirty to clean but it is very subtle and the water must be ice cold. 

Is It Fun?

This is a fun set for kitchen role play as kids pretend to wash the dishes, and place the dishes on the drying rack to dry. It will appeal to Minnie Mouse fans who will appreciate the cute Minnie Mouse details.  The actual working faucet is great but you do have to keep your hand on the handle in order for the water to flow continuously.

Who It’s For

This set is for Minnie Mouse fans ages 3 and up. It will appeal to those who enjoy kitchen role play, and "helping" in the kitchen at home. 

What To Be Aware Of

Two AA batteries are required but not included. Be sure to fill the base with water only to the base line indicated. Food patterns on the plates are supposed to change color when kids scrub them using cold water. The change is very subtle, and the water must be ice cold. The water will only flow from the faucet when the faucet handle is being turned. It does not flow on its own.

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    2 AA batteries required