NextFit Zip Max Convertible Car Seat Review (Chicco)

NextFit Zip Max Convertible Car Seat
What It Is

Don't be in a hurry to switch your rear-facing child to a forward-facing car seat. Riding rear-facing actually provides greater safety benefits, and with the NextFit Zip Max Convertible Car Seat, you can keep your child in the rear-facing position longer. This car seat is designed to accommodate younger children in the rear-facing position from 4 pounds to 50 pounds. And it provides 25 percent more legroom than other NextFit car seats in rear-facing mode. When your child is ready, simply switch the seat to forward-facing to accommodate children between 22 and 65 pounds. What gave kids extra legroom in rear-facing mode now provides extended calf support in forward-facing mode. And with a full-body newborn positioner, nine height positions for the padded headrest, and a no-rethread harness, this car seat makes accommodating a growing child a breeze.

Nine recline positions means that this car seat fits a wider range of vehicles in both rear-facing and forward-facing modes. And the car seat is LATCH-equipped with a SuperCinch Tightener to help achieve a tight and secure vehicle fit with less effort. But when using the vehicle seatbelts for installing, the LockSure Belt System shows you where to route the seatbelt and even has a built-in lock-off.

There is an air mesh breathable backrest to improve airflow and ventilation, as well as DuoGuard to provide two layers of side-impact protection with a deep rigid shell and EPS energy absorbing foam. The seat shell is also reinforced with a steel frame. The machine-washable seat pad easily zips off.

Two cup holders can be attached to either side of the car seat and either removed for cleaning or folded in to allow another person to sit next to the car seat.

This is available in two color schemes: Atmos and Q Collection. 

Why Is It Useful?

This car seat offers a lot of great features. With easy installation features, machine-washable fabric, and height and recline adjustments, just to name a few, this car seat has comfort for kids and convenience for parents. Because it can be used with kids from birth to 6, it's pretty much the only car seat you'll need to buy. 

Who It’s For

This convertible car seat is for ages birth to 6 years old with a weight between four and 65 pounds and a maximum height of 49 inches.

What To Be Aware Of

Use the newborn positioner and newborn headrest for infants between four and 11 pounds.

When used rear-facing between 35 and 50 pounds, you can't attach the car seat using LATCH. You also can't use LATCH to attach the car seat in forward-facing mode between 40 and 65 pounds.

The installation instructions are easy to follow, and this car seat has a lot of built-in features to make installation easy. However, it will all depend on you and your car. If you need help or want someone to check your work, we recommend finding a car seat safety technician near you. Many places will check it for free or for a small donation.

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