Calico Critters Village Pizzeria Review (Epoch Co)

Calico Critters Village Pizzeria
What It Is

The new Calico Critters Village Pizzeria from Epoch Everlasting expands the new Calico Critters Town Series, which launched last year, with the addition of a new pizza shop. 

If you are anything like Stella Hopstoch Rabbit and her pals, nothing works up an appetite quite like a day spent shopping in the village. And nothing hits the spot after a day of shopping quite like a slice of the best pizza in town! That's where the town's new all-in-one pizzeria comes in. The new Calico Critters Villaage Pizzeria is no hole-in-the wall dollar-a-slice pizzeria, it offers only the best for the Calico Critters: brick oven-style pizza!

The playset took us about 10 minutes to put together, but once set up it offers endless opportunities for imaginative play. Take a seat outside and dig into a hot slice. The one pizza even makes it look like you're lifting a cheesy slice from the pie. Outside the pizzeria is a menu listing the types of pizzas you can get along with toppings (cheese, mushroom, shrimp, etc.)

 The playset also comes with these types of pizzas (indicated in the paper menu) so you can feel like you’re truly getting what your ordered.

Tired of sitting outside? Head indoors for more behind-the-counter food play. Pretend to roll out some pizza dough, grate some cheese, and throw your pie in the brick oven (no actual heat, so 100 percent kid-safe to use).

Is It Fun?

Overall we love the imaginative play this new Calico Critters playset inspires. It’s perfect for acting out a family night out at your own local pizza joint and bringing that setting to life for your Calico Critters. 

There is also a lot of attention to detail (like we’ve seen cross the entire Calico Critters collection) that went into crafting this setting and making it interactive, yet simple enough for littles ones to immediately get into the play.

Who It’s For

The Calico Critters Village Pizzeria is for ages 3 and up. It will appeal to Calico Critter fans, young and old, as well as those that love pretend food play...and, of course, pizza. 

What To Be Aware Of

As previously mentioned, this playset took 10 minutes for us to put together. Directions are featured on the packaging and the set-up process was very straight forward.

* This playset does NOT come with any Critters, such as Bernard Marshmallow Mouse (shown on package) to use. You'll need your own critters for that. In this review, we only had Stella on hand so as you can see in our video review, she was doing a little #solodining. 

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