Electronic Flea Comb Review (Eyenimal)

Electronic Flea Comb
What It Is

The Eyenimal Electronic Flea Comb offers a chemical-free way to treat your pet for fleas. This Electronic Flea Comb features metal teeth to target and kill fleas on your pet with a slight harmless static current. Unlike traditional treatments, that can be messy and possibly harmful to your pets' health, this anti-flea comb is designed to be an alternative to medical treatments, while still aiming to be simple, efficient and painless. 

To use, pet parents can simply press in the button on the comb and then gently comb through your pet's fur at a 45-degree angle.

Why Is It Useful?

This comb offers a great way to fight fleas for both cats and dogs without the need for active ingredients and can be re-used as often as necessary sounds nice, not to mention it's designed to be harmless. That being said, if your pets (such as our dog and cat product testers) don't have fleas it will be difficult to verify that this comb works 100% as intended.

Who It’s For

This comb is ideal for pets that have fleas and owners looking for an alternative, harmless and less messy solution.

What To Be Aware Of

This comb requires two AA batteries, which is not included. It also has a two-year warranty.

This is not a preventative means to fight fleas on your pet and will only work on pets that have fleas.

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