Disney/Pixar Cars Turbo Racers Review (Mattel)

Disney/Pixar Cars Turbo Racers
What It Is

Mattel introduces the new Cars Turbo Racers, packing in some serious car-racing fun with fan-favorite Disney/Pixar Cars 3 characters: Lightening McQueen, Danny Swervez, and Jackson Storm. All three come in their signature car colors as seen in the films. First, there's Lightening McQueen, the OG Cars character depicted as the signature (little) red Corvette with the No. 95 decaled on this side of vehicle and a look of determination on his face. Danny Swerez, the Mexican Piston Cup race car (Next-Gen 2017 Race Car SB-4 to be exact), features a purple body and No. 19 (previously given to Bobby Swift) on his side. Then there's Jackson Storm, the custom-built next-gen race car detailed in black with No. 20 and a blue streak that looks like a bolt on his side. 

The car play here is pretty straight forward with just one difference: By pushing down on the cars' spoilers you'll charge them up, release, and watch them speed down the finish line! Each car is sold separately and flies up to 10 feet. And the answer is yes, they really go the distance. 

Is It Fun?

The vehicles allow kids to play out some high-speed racing just like what they've seen from the Cars 3 movie. Kids will enjoy playing out a few of their favorite races, as well as other imaginative scenarios with any vehicle. Pair them together for added fun, bringing the excitement of the Piston Cup races off the screen. Young fans will especially like the ease of use and feel empowered by their ability to face the toy vehicles without adult assistance. 

Who It’s For

The Cars Turbo Racers are for ages 3 and up. These Cars Turbo Racers add a fun addition to regular car play and would make a great gift for car lovers or fans of the Disney/Pixar Cars film. 

What To Be Aware Of

The Cars Turbo Racers don't require assembly or batteries and drives well on carpet.

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