Buttheads Review (WowWee)

What It Is

Get ready for some flatulent fun with Buttheads. These interactive farting collectible figures all have butts as faces and they all make fart sound effects. Collect Tushi the ninja, Robutt the robot, Grim Ripper the grim reaper, and Brainfart the zombie. Each is sold separately.

There are three ways to play with Buttheads prank toys: 

1) Follows the simply past time of "pull my finger" or in this case pull your Buttheads' fingers up or down for high-pitched or low-pitched farts. 

2) If you have more than one figure, you can play a Rock, Paper, Scissors-style battle game with your Buttheads. Shake your figure and then stop to release one of three battle farts: Atomic Fire, Rotten Wet Ones, or Earthquakers. Fire beats earth, earth beats water, and water beats fire. The loser of the battle has to smell the winner's scratch-and-sniff collectible character card.

3) You can also use these figures to prank family and friends. Hold the touch sensor on the face and pull the finger up. Each pull adds five seconds of time, and you can set the timer for up to five minutes. Once you've got your Buttheads figure set u and ready to rip, place it where you want, and wait for the big release aka the fart to go off.

Is It Fun?

To kids (and kids at heart), there's nothing more hilarious than farts and poop. If 2018 was the year of the poop toy, WowWee is proclaiming 2019 the year of the fart thanks to Buttheads. This line is perfectly in tune with the comedic sensibilities of its target audience - boys ages 5 and up. They'll think it's so funny to fire off fart after fart and hear all the different sound effects that each character makes. The head-to-head gaming component of these toys also adds on to the fun and silliness of these modern prank toys, in addition to their collectibility.

Who It’s For

Buttheads are for kids who like poop humor/ potty humor ages 5 and up. There is also collectibility to these butt-faced figures thanks to their unique fart sound effects, silly names, and added themes such as ninjas, robots, etc.

What To Be Aware Of

Each Butthead figure includes two button cell batteries. 

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy