Hot Wheels Action Launch Across Challenge Review (Mattel)

Hot Wheels Action Launch Across Challenge
What It Is

It's game on with the new Hot Wheels Action Launch Across Challenge. When you play with this track set, you've got to flip target tiles to win. The track consists of one Hot Wheels car, spinning targets, and two adjustable tracks and launchers. Once the track set is assembled, each player takes the same number of Hot Wheels cars. (Because this set only comes with one, you'll need to pull additional cars from your stash.) Then players simultaneously launch their cars at the targets. Make the targets flip to score points. You can play where the players with the most points wins, or be the first player to flip and reveal a complete Hot Wheels logo to win. 

There is some strategy involved in the game, so you'll need to adjust the angle of your track and the slamming power of your launch to get your car soaring where you want it to go. Adjusting the track can also serve you if you want to aim at your opponent's targets to mess up their score. Each track also has an unfolding ramp for an alternate launch setting, if you want to add that element into your game.

Is It Fun?

This brings a fun game aspect to classic Hot Wheels racing. The package says there are three ways to play, but the instructions don't really specify three separate games. It's more like one game with three strategies for winning. Of course, kids can get creative and make up their own games with this track set, so there is the potential for multiple ways to play.

Who It’s For

The Hot Wheels Action Launch Across Challenge track set is for Hot Wheels fans ages 4 to 10.

What To Be Aware Of

Assembly is required, and we thought some of the steps were confusing.

The track set only comes with one car, so you'll need to provide others for the full gameplay.

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