Disney/Pixar Cars Mini Racers Rust-Eze Spinning Raceway Review (Mattel)

Disney/Pixar Cars Mini Racers Rust-Eze Spinning Raceway
What It Is

The Disney/Pixar Cars Mini Racers Rust-Eze Spinning Raceway from Mattel brings to life a main setting from the Disney/Pixar Cars 3 movie: the elite racing center run by Rust-Eze, where we are also first introduced to Cruz Ramirez. The set comes unassembled, but set-up is quick and only took about five minutes to put together. The set only includes a few pieces to put together for the spiral raceway plus the Lighting McQueen toy vehicle. Other mini racers are sold separately and available for purchase.

To start, load up Lighting McQueen or 10 other mini racers on the top of the spiral course. Then pump the red button until the mini racers blast off through the opening. Lighting McQueen and other vehicles will race down the spiral raceway, trying to avoid the different detours built into this playset such as the crash wall, which will shoot Lighting McQueen off the track and make him lose the race. Another detour is that many times the car will turn sideways making it difficult to drop down in the slotted finish line---this can be a bit frustrating.

If adding more Mini racers to this collection you'll be able to store up to 10+ mini racers in the slots available around the speedway.

Is It Fun?

 Kids will enjoy using this Cars raceway playset to recreate favorite scenes from the Cars 3 film, while also making up their own action-packed races. This playset is sure to inspire a lot of imaginative play for Cars fans, and thus lots of repeat play.

This playset also serves as a fun way to teach preschoolers about cause-and-effect, as they'll see how they have to push the red button in order to see Lightening McQueen blast off!

Who It’s For

The Cars vehicle playset packs some fun for kids ages 3 and up who are fans of Cars 3 or the Cars movies in general. They'll enjoy pushing down the red button and trying to speed their mini-car down the raceway. 

What To Be Aware Of

We donít see children enjoying the Mini Racers Rust-Eze Spinning Raceway for long spans of time without having to buy additional vehicles; Playing with the only mini racer it comes with can get boring. We suggest investing in a few more mini-racers. 

TheMini Racers Rust-Eze Spinning Raceway takes up some space and there's no storage for the cars. The slots, which are available around the raceway, provide some storage but move the raceway around and mini racers will fall out. 

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