Spin Off Review (Mattel)

Spin Off
What It Is

The Spin Off game from Mattel comes with a base, vortex, basket, basket stand, 4 tongs, and 16 marbles that include 4 colors. The game can be played with two to four players. With four players, each player chooses a colored tong and three marbles with the matching color. With three players, each player has a color tong and 4 marbles with the matching color. And for two players, each player selects a tong and three marbles of two DIFFERENT colors.

Now, while this might look like a simple game of launching your marbles in the vortex, it's an all-out race game to beat out your opponents. There are no turns in this game; it's a free-for-all as players work at the same time, using their tongs to pick up their marbles and drop them into the top of the vortex. But watch out! If your marbles don't land in the open hold in the basket and fall to the base, you'll need to try again. There are 12 marbles in play and only 11 holes in the "basket." This game is all about strategy, launching your marbles to fill the spaces before it's filled with your opponent's marbles. If the last marble left is yours, you're out!

Is It Fun?

What's fun about Spin Off is that you're able to go all at the same time and knock your opponent's marbles out of the way by timing how you place your marble in the vortex. There's a lot of skill and action to Spin Off. You can time when you launch the marbles to potentially knock your opponent's marble out of the way in the vortex or knock it out of the "basket". If your marbles gets knocked out of the basket you are back in the game, so you have to pay attention the whole time. There's a lot of skill and action to Spin Off that will keep all player's on their toes.

Who It’s For

With all the technique and strategy it takes, kids 5 and up will be able to play without much frustration.

What To Be Aware Of

One thing to note is you can't simply drop your marbles in the vortex; they'll go straight to the bottom. You need to flick your wrist while dropping the marble to get the full vortex-style spin needed. This can be trickier for younger players, especially when starting out, and if you flick too hard the marbles can fly right out. That said, we suggest a couple practice runs with younger kids to avoid frustrations, and to maximize the fun factor. It can be difficult for younger players to master the dexterity of the marble spin.

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