E-Z Clean Scoop Set Review (Pooch Approved Products, USA)

E-Z Clean Scoop Set
What It Is

Happy Scoopin with the GoGo Stik from Pooch Approved Products. This set comes with two adjustable aluminum sticks that can expand from 25- to 36-inches so that you don't have to bend over or kneel down to clean up after your furry friend. 

This system comes with 10 perfect fit doggie "dootie" bags to get started, but you can also use any plastic baggies or grocery bag to scoop and collect your pet's waste. Moreover, the bags help you avoid contact with waste. 

The GoGo Stik also has a round and a square shovel with tapered blades to help pick up your pets mess on different surfaces.

Why Is It Useful?

This GoGo stik system really does work when it comes to picking up your pet's mess. It's nice to do so without having to bend over and scoop with your hands and a plastic bag. That being said, this system is still not totally clean; The mess can still get on the blade when scooping. It seems like you can probably put a bag onto that blade, too, but doing so ends up making things a lot more complicated and challenging than they need to be.  It is difficult to load even the perfect bags onto the scooper. Overall this system works, just not as well as we would have hoped. 

Who It’s For

This system is designed for both small and large dogs and can even help in collecting urine samples. It is ideal for pet parents who hate the mess and don't want to bend over to pick it up. We especially think it's a great option for pet owners with any kind of back problems, as well.

What To Be Aware Of

This system comes with a round and a square shovel with tapered blades. The round edge is designed for grass, while the square shovel with tapered blades is designed for the road or sidewalk.

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