Barbie Skipper Babysitter Inc. Review (Mattel)

Barbie Skipper Babysitter Inc.
What It Is

The Skipper Babysitter Inc. dolls are do-it-all kind of babysitters. 

The Skipper Babysitter Inc. Feeding set includes many  accessories: a high chair, crib, a jar of baby food, a box of cereal, a bowl, a baby toy, a bib and a bottle, all the tools a babysitter would need to help care for a baby from feeding to nap time. A very cool and fun feature in this set is that the baby's face has a color-change feature; it changes from a clean face to a food-splattered face. Simply apply cold water on the spoon-like sponge, which is included in the set, and apply it to the baby's face for a messy-looking eater. Then clean her right up by applying warm water on the wipe cloth. 

The high chair, the crib, and its spinning mobile are designed in bright colors that feature the Fisher-Price logo for a realistic touch. In this set, Skipper is also posable at the arms, legs, and head. Skipper's permanently bent elbow allows her to hold the baby in her arms adding to the realistic play of coddling a baby.

The next set in the The Skipper Babysitter Inc collection is the Bathtime set. This set includes Skipper, a toddler doll, tub, shampoo bottle, pink printed towel, and rubber duck. For kids that love to play with water, they'll be able to fill the included mini tub with water and place the toddler inside. To add to the imaginative play, the toddler doll splashes by lowering her arms when you press the button on her back. The rubber duck can also create bubbles when squeezed.

Is It Fun?

Skipper, just like Barbie, can enrich children with nurturing skills. Children will love being able to act out the scenario the set comes with or create different ones with other sets. For example, the Bathtime set is great for kids that aren't into baths or water play as it allows them to get more comfortable and familiar with these settings. 

Since there are many accessories included, kids can also fully engage in imaginative play. The Skipper and toddlers in all the sets are also a great size for play on the go.

Who It’s For

The Skipper Babysitter Inc. doll sets are for Barbie fans ages 3 and up. They also make a great gift for introducing children to one of the scenarios, such as the Bathtime set if a child is a bit scared of water. The feeding set would be great to show a child the responsibility of taking care of a baby brother and/or sister.

What To Be Aware Of

In regards to the feeding set, the baby is only articulated at the legs and arms and not the head. 

All Skipper dolls feature limited articulation. This may make a few  scenarios difficult to create. 

With so many little pieces, parents will need to figure out the best way to store and keep everything together.

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