Barbie Close N Go Portable House Review (Mattel)

Barbie Close N Go Portable House
What It Is

This Barbie House On-the-Go playset from Mattel opens up to two-feet wide and has 360 degrees of play. It features all the essential settings for Barbie house play; there's a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and even pool area for kids to explore. Each room features gorgeous decals, themed accessories, and fun features. 

In the kitchen area, there's a galley-style sink and stovetop built into the wall for Barbie to play out stories like a fun dinner for two. Flip down the table to have dinner and place the dinnerware in the plug-and-play features available to ensure it stays in place throughout playtime. The bedroom also has a murphy bed that flips down for Barbie to sleep in or relax as well as a small closet to hold some of her fashionable wardrobe. Next to the bedroom, you have the bathroom with a toilet, which has a lid that opens and closes; and a shelf to hold Barbie's bathroom accessories. There's also a pool and small patio area. Fill the pool with water and pretend to turn on the hanging lights for a fun outside aura.

Although dolls are not included in this set, there are so many fun accessories in this set that encourage children to imagine and roleplay more. A few pieces have handles, allowing Barbie to hold them and others are designed with a plug-and-play system for stay-in-place play and easy cleanup. It truly is a portable Barbie house, making it the perfect size for homes that might not have the space to have the giant Dream House or those that are taking a minimalist approach. It's also the perfect size to travel with for play on the go. When it's time to clean up simply close the bed, table and small roof area. The house shuts together and the pool can hold all the accessories. Once all accessories are in, minus the chairs, slide the pool in the opening and place the chairs on top, close and lock the house with the latch on the side. The roof top doubles as an easy handle to grab and go.

Is It Fun?

This portable Barbie House is the perfect size and easy for children three-years-old and up. Although it's not huge in size like other Barbie houses before, it still brings the same fun, but in a smaller version. There are also many accessories included in this set so your child will have many things to do while playing in each space of the house. Being able to travel with the "Barbie House On The Go" makes it even better!

Who It’s For

Barbie House On-the-Go is for ages 3 and up and Barbie fans. Some families and homes can't fit the huge, ultimate Barbie Dreamhouse in their home so this is the next best thing. You still get the feeling of having different rooms and imagine all the possibilities, all while being able to bring your Barbie house "on-the-go." We also think it kind of taps into the trend of tiny homes as well.

What To Be Aware Of

Younger kids might find it difficult to fit all the accessories in place for the playset to close so an adult would probably have to help with that. 

One recommendation is to place all the accessories in a Ziploc bag before placing it in the pool just in case the house falls, all accessories won't scatter.

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