Polly Pocket Glamping Van Review (Mattel)

Polly Pocket Glamping Van
What It Is

Polly Pocket Glamping Van from Mattel is one of the newest collections out. Polly stands at three-inches tall, dressed for a glamping experience in her sporty pink jumper and white sneakers, which can be removed just like her jumpsuit. 

The set includes Polly, the van, her suitcase that opens and closes, a micro Polly doll, micro kayak, mini campsite with tent, campfire, and Polly Stick stickers. 

The van comes in blue with purple trimming and a white roof. The van opens up from the roof and also from the side. The wheels on the van are movable so Polly can sit in the driver's seat and go on a drive to her own personal campsite. 

Once inside, Polly can sleep in her bed, cook up a meal in the kitchenette, watch TV, or sit down at the dining table. What makes this Glamping Van a bit more entertaining is the micro Polly doll and micro campsite that is located in the trunk. The trunk pops open to reveal her micro campsite, which is removable and the micro Polly doll --- complete with a tent, campfire, and a lake for fun on the water with her micro kayak.

Is It Fun?

We like how this playset taps into the theme of glamorous camping (aka glamping) and lets kids share in the fun of it with the always glamourous Polly Pocket. Kids will also like that you can change up Polly's outfit and offer the dolls new looks as they play, adding repeat play to these characters. Another big plus is the articulation at the dolls' arms, head, and legs giving kids more ways to explore and roleplay fun adventures with their Polly Pocket.

Who It’s For

The Polly Pocket Glamping Van, Pogo-A-Gogo Polly, and Roller Chic Lila toys are for ages 4 and up. These dolls will appeal to kids that love small doll play and roleplaying the adventures their own families go. Gift givers that remember the original Polly Pocket dolls will also like these dolls for sharing the toys of their youth with their own kids. 

What To Be Aware Of

The Polly Pocket Glamping Van comes with one Polly. 

Pogo-A-Gogo Polly and Roller Chic Lila are each sold separately. 

As we were placing the feet and hands in the Pogo-A-Gogo Polly pogo, we found that Polly would not stay put in the slots. 

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