Hot Wheels Disney Die Cast Cars Review (Mattel)

Hot Wheels Disney Die Cast Cars
What It Is

The Hot Wheels Disney Die Cast Cars and Hot Wheels Disney from Mattel features a slew of new Cars characters stylized and reinterpreted as classic Hot Wheels diecast vehicles. 

This new The Hot Wheels Disney Die Cast collection includes Belle of Beauty & the Beast; Stitch of Lilo & Stitch; Peter Pan; Sulley of Monsters, Inc.; Pinocchio, and Minnie Mouse. The Belle Hot Wheels vehicle is a yellow car made to resemble her signature yellow dress from the iconic ballroom scene of the movie. Stitch is designed to look like a bite-sized coupe-style car. Just as his eyes are set slightly lower on his face, the vehicle drops his signature eyes into the headlights, while his ears become the side antennas. Peter Pan wheels in with his green body, representative of his signature all-green outfit. The Peter Pan car is accented with golden-painted hub caps  and the tail end is painted with a vibrant orange which embodies the feather in his cap. Sulley, the big monster from Monsters Inc., features his signature colors from the film and comes as a tow truck. Pinocchio is a smaller Hot Wheels car, painted red and tan with his adorable yellow hat as the roof.  The nose of this vehicle even extends, just like Pinocchio's nose every time he tells a lie. Lastly, Minnie Mouse comes in a fun pint sized car with her historical red, black and white polka dot colors featuring her signature bow. All character cars have distinctive characteristics and authentic deco, which is hard to miss. 

Then there's the Hot Wheels Disney character cars--- continuing with Mickey's 90th Anniversary, Disney came out with your favorite Mickey Mouse characters; Quick n Sik for Minnie Mouse, Scoopa Di Fuego for Daisy Duck, Vandetta for Donald Duck, Fandango for Goofy, Horseplay for Chip n Dale, Fish'd and Chip'd for Pete, 16 Angels for Pluto and, of course, our favorite pal, Fast Felon Mickey Mouse! Each vehicle features either their picture or logo on the side and is not decked out as the other collection.

Is It Fun?
There's no way you can go wrong with Hot Wheels and Disney/Pixar. It brings the ordinary car play with a fun twist to favorite films from Disney and Pixar. Kids can re-imagine favorite stories and create new memories. Disney/Pixar collectors would enjoy these as well. 
Who It’s For
These Hot Wheels Disney/Pixar toys are for  children ages 3 and up who love watching Disney movies and engaging with their favorite characters. It will also appeal to adult collectors of Disney and/or Hot Wheels products, especially because some models pay tribute to Mickey Mouse's 90th anniversary. All the toy vehicles offer a fun twist on car play that bring in that Disney magic!
What To Be Aware Of
All cars are sold separately.  To find more of your favorite Hot Wheels toys, click here
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