DIY Pix Perfect Starter Kit Review (Pix Perfect)

DIY Pix Perfect Starter Kit
What It Is

Do you love pixel art? Want to make some of your own? Try your hand at creating your own colorful pixel-like pictures with the DIY Pix Perfect Starter Kit. You get more than 8,000 reusable sequins in 20 colors to decorate a black 12-inch by 12-inch panel with any design you want. There's a Design Ideas Booklet with inspiration for pictures of everything from unicorns and cupcakes to pumpkins and pirates. You can, of course, come up with your own designs, too.

Before you begin, you'll need to insert pegs into the flexible black panel. Then you can hang the sequins from the pegs. Some of the sequins are basic solid colors, while others are holographic colors. When your design is complete, you can mount it to the included canvas and then hang the canvas on your wall. If you want to create a different design, remove the sequins and start all over.

Is It Fun?

The finished product of Pix Perfect is really cool. The hanging sequins have a bit of movement to them, and when the light shines on them, it creates a really neat effect. The only problem is getting to the finished product. This is time-consuming, but creative and patient kids will have fun going through the process of attaching the sequins so they can have their own pixel sequin art piece to display.

Who It’s For

Pix Perfect is for creative kids ages 7 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This is a time-consuming activity, so kids will need a lot of patience as they prep the panel with pegs and then place each sequin one by one on the panel. It took us one hour just to insert all the pegs and then another hour to add the colored sequins.

The sequins do have a tendency to fall off, which can be frustrating while you're working.

The kit includes more than 50 design ideas, more than 8,000 reusable sequin pixels, a black panel, more than 576 pegs, a mounting canvas, screws, and instructions.

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