Gesturebotics Aura Stealth Drone Review (KD Interactive)

Gesturebotics Aura Stealth Drone
What It Is

With the Aura drone, you are the controller. This drone is gesture-controlled with its GestureBotics controller, which is based on military technology. This drone can fly forwards and backwards, left and right, change altitude and even perform tricks all with a simple wave of the hand. Also, it has auto takeoff and auto landing features for those beginners to get airborne faster as well as a  5-7 minutes flight time per charge. Aura also includes a safety frame for added protection, offering fun and safe indoor play. 

Is It Fun?

We enjoyed this drone. We found it easy to fly, but there is still a learning curve with this drone, which makes auto takeoff and auto landing features nice. Plus, the LED lights on this drone are nice because they show that the drone is connected to its controller. Also, we liked the troubleshooting guide, which is well written and easy to read. Overall, this drone is fun because it eliminates the frustrations of traditional joysticks. Come on,who doesn't love flying a drone with just the wave of your hand.

Who It’s For

The Aura Drone is recommended for ages 6 years and up. We recommend this drone for anyone who loves drones (beginner to advance) as well as tech and video game play enthusiasts. This toy is great for those who love speed and challenges as well as adventures. 

What To Be Aware Of

It is also designed for indoor use in large open spaces as this drone can fly up to 8.5 feet high with a range of 23 feet.

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