K9 Sport Sack Urban Review (K9 Sport Sack)

K9 Sport Sack Urban
What It Is

Look like you are ready for your next street-style photo shoot with your furry friend in this pet carrier. The K9 Sport Sack URBAN was developed and designed for just that. While other K9 sport sack carriers have been designed for tackling the great outdoors with smaller pups, this sack keeps all the great features of the K9 Sport Sack, but adds more fashionable urban details for the style-conscious pet parent. This pack features faux leather accents and straps, anti-slip zippers, dual side pockets, a safety D-ring for collar hook-up and a thick bottom to keep your dog comfortable.

Why Is It Useful?

At first glance, I loved this pack. It's really stylish. I wanted to use it as a backpack for myself. That being said, my pups are a little too big for this sack sadly, so I brought in reinforcements. My friend tried it out on her small puppy and, well, this pack is really for dogs that don't mind being carried in a certain way. Some dogs will like it, and it definitely is a more ergonomic way to carry small pups. For dogs, we aren't sure how comfortable of a position it is for them to be in for an extended amount of time. While once on my friend's back it was comfortable, but she did also struggle to put the pack on without having her dog fall out of it or try to jump out of this backpack. Also, the D-ring for collar hook-up made her dog very hunched over when in the pack. Plus, she struggled with finding the right size for her pup since the sizing for this pack is based on a dog's body length and not their leg length. Now, I've seen dogs that love being carried in regular backpacks, but those are only certain dogs that are extremely youthful and flexible, so it really comes down to the type of dog you own and how much you tote your dog around already.

Who It’s For

The K9 Sport Sack URBAN's largest size has a 30 LB weight limit. You'll also need to measure your dog to figure out what size pack you'll need. Sizes range from extra-small to large.

What To Be Aware Of

It is very important to make sure you have the right size for your dog as fit is key for comfort with this sack.

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