Cry Babies Magic Tears Review (IMC Toys)

Cry Babies Magic Tears
What It Is

The Cry Babies dolls are back in a smaller form with the Cry Babies Magic Tears dolls. These 4.5-inch dolls are the perfect size for collecting, but they're still sad and need you to help them stop crying. First, you'll want to make them cry. Each doll comes with a squeeze bottle that you fill with water. Then, feed the water to the doll. Give the doll's tummy a squeeze to make the doll's eyes "cry". Why is your doll crying? Maybe she wants her pacifier. Maybe she's hungry, so you'll have to put on her bib and feed her the lollipop. Maybe she wants to get dressed up with her bow. Or maybe she just needs a comfy seat. 

Each doll comes with a collector's guide so you can keep track of which Magic Tears dolls you have. Currently, there are five to collect: Lala, Coney, Lea, Bonnie, and Lammy. Each one wears animal-themed footie pjs and has poseable arms and legs.

Is It Fun?

These dolls provide nurturing play for little kids who like playing with baby dolls. Kids can feed, play with, and comfort their Cry Baby, as well as have fun collecting all the different animal styles.

Who It’s For

Cry Babies Magic Tears dolls are for ages 3 and up. These will be fun for kids who like playing with baby dolls.

What To Be Aware Of

Each doll includes a bottle, a bib, a lollipop, a pacifier, a bow, and a chair.

These are available exclusively at Target.

We had a bit of trouble getting the dolls to cry. It took several squeezes before water started to come out.

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