Mad Moves Review (PlayMonster)

Mad Moves
What It Is

From PlayMonster comes MAD MOVES, a new get-up and move party game designed for three or more players. Inside the box are 20 action cards, 20 person cards, 20 animal cards, 20 tomato cards, an electronic spinner, directions on how to play, and a die. 

To play, one player begins by rolling the dice to pick one of the three category cards. Then spins the spinner to get your dance category. Get ready to dance, because the only way to win your card is to dance it out. As you dance, other players must currently guess the dance moves. 

If the spinner hits Dance Challenge, picks someone in your group to challenge to a dance off, in which you battle with back and forth dance moves until someone wins.  You do a move, your opponent does your move and adds a move, adding on back and forth until someone makes a mistake, that winner then keeps the card.  That winner then keeps the card. 

If a player picks the Freeze dance card, that player strikes a pose and everyone must strike the same pose, the last one to match it, gets the tomato card. 

You want to get your fellow players to guess correctly, otherwise you'll get a tomato card which counts as negative points. 

Is It Fun?

Everyone will enjoy busting' a move with MAD MOVES. This game is really a fun option for the whole family—no matter your age. 

We love how it gets everyone up and moving and the dancing combinations are pretty hilarious. For example, if you draw a T-REX card and the spinner stops on ballet you must dance in a way that gets players guess that you are in fact a T-Rex dancing ballerina of sorts.

In addition, the game mechanics are super straight forward so you don't need to be an actual pro dancer to master the moves in this game---the sillier the better!

Who It’s For

The MAD MOVES party game is perfect for family fun, and might even encourage the most hesitant of family game players and dancers to join in the fun. Designed for ages 8 and up, it allows for three or more players to dance like they've never danced before. 

What To Be Aware Of

  The game requires three AAA batteries, which are not included. Batteries need to be installed by an adult with a screwdriver.

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  • Assembly & Instructions


    3 batteries required